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Friday, December 23, 2011

The 'H' Word!!

After a lot of skepticism (still some left), maswaq sessions (still more to come) and speeches, I have developed faith in the capabilities of the Khan in pulling off a miracle i.e. saving Pakistan from total obliteration.

Last time when I had an opportunity to cast a vote in Pakistan, I refused because of the track record of the Presidential candidates at the time. They were all corrupt right down to their core, and so were their subordinates. I don't think any one of us is privy to whatever's been going on in Pakistan all these years.

A pretty big part of this dirty chunk of politicians is now joining the Khan's team in hefty numbers; it's been increasing since the famous Lahore jalsa. Now whether these people are joining PTI for their own personal agendas or out of genuine faith in the Khan, the important fact is that Khan becoming the next leader of a nation, with ever-decreasing hope, is definitely a possibility. How the corrupt are dealt with by Imran Khan is yet to be seen. He, himself, is honest and has willingly declared his assets publicly. Besides, other political parties have been trying for a very long time to somehow throw some dirt on Imran Khan's credibility and honesty; they have failed to date, and will keep doing so. Based solely on this fact, its highly likely that anybody who works under him will most probably take a turn for the better, or wont be a part of the team for very long.

A new day will dawn on Pakistan when Imran Khan is elected as the leader. And I now desperately wait for the time when the Quaid's dream of a powerful Pakistani nation comes true. Imran Khan is here to lay the foundation for a better future, and then it'll again fall into our hands to make something beautiful out of it.

Life and death is in the hands of the Almighty. Whatever harm may or may not come to him is in His hands as well. Imran Khan, may Allah protect you and make you successful in all your endeavors. You are a breath of fresh air for so many who actually understand your worth.

Today I officially registered my vote as an Overseas Pakistani. Seemingly it isn't much but the feeling is actually exhilarating. There's something very different in the air; something that I'd never really experienced before when it came to the future of Pakistan. Hope, and it's beautiful.

Happy Birthday dear Quaid and a very Happy New Year.

God Bless!

P.S. Thanks Maulvi, Freaky and Pulsi for a very thought provoking discussion the other night. I still believe we shouldn't close our eyes to skepticism, it only helps in bringing out more answers.

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