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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Real Victory!

So the hour is upon us, the fateful and long-awaited 11th of May has finally arrived. This is the day when we can either start afresh or just stick to the traditions of old and continue falling in the abyss. Whoever we vote for will determine the kind of future we want for ourselves. If even now we end up choosing the same leaders that have let us down every single time they've been in power, maybe then we really do deserve them, and the condition Pakistan is in is completely justified. Nevertheless, I've had my share of debates and tabsaraas on Pakistani politics in the last few months, and won't get into any of that in my last post before Elections 2013. 

These past few months have been extremely eye-opening and elating because I can safely claim that I've witnessed and been a part of the biggest movement for change to hit Pakistan during my lifetime. And, most importantly, I can sleep like a log at night knowing that I took shelter under the banner of truth, justice and Quaid's Pakistan. Therefore, no matter who comes to power, for me and millions of Pakistanis alike it will be a victory that we'll cherish for a long time. It's unbelievable how a large number of people have transformed from being practically apolitical for most of their lives to putting themselves in the line of fire (literally) by becoming Tabdeeli Razaakars. This, by a long shot, is the biggest change that Imran Khan has single-handedly been able to bring about. 

It is my staunch belief that as long as we stand by the truth in face of adversity and immense challenges, the light of hope no matter how dim, shall never leave our hearts. This gargantuan effort made my Imran Khan will culminate tomorrow after a killing and cumbersome 17 years, and rest assured, it will never go to waste. No matter what the odds, this man has always carried the beacon of hope on our behalf and Alhamdulilah it has finally been able to encompass millions of us within its fold. I'm very sure that when we don't have Imran Khan as our leader, another from within his ranks will take his place egging Pakistan on to the path of success and prosperity. That is the legacy Imran Khan will leave, and in fact already has!

I'll quickly wind up by wishing all Insafians and Pakistanis good luck for tomorrow. And a hearty congratulations to all you soldiers of justice on achieving such a massive victory in terms of unity. This reminds me of a quote for the ages: 

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." ~ Winston Churchill

I hope to greet all of you in Naya Pakistan very soon, In Sha Allah. Vote wisely!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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