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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Alter Bridge - Creed Dilemma

The latest turn of events in Alter Bridge world has forced me to put Faraz Anwar on a hold.

Creed is one of the best alternative rock bands of the late 90s which sadly broke-up in 2004. With singles like ‘one last breath’, ‘my sacrifice’ and ‘with arms wide open’, Creed will always be remembered as a pioneer of melody and feel-based rock music which had been missing in the newer generation of rock bands. I was personally devastated when the news of Creed breaking up came through. And then ‘Alter Bridge’ happened!

Alter Bridge (AB) has released two albums so far, ‘One Day Remains’ and ‘Blackbird’. The first song that I heard by them was ‘Metalingus’ which was the entrance theme of The Edge on WWE. I soon purchased their album and decided to give them a listen when I heard that AB was all Creed except the vocalist. At first, I was really skeptical and criticised each and everything. I just didn’t want to accept the fact that the ex-Creed members were moving on, and that Creed was definitely over. However, AB won out at the end, and I’ve never had any regrets that Creed broke up to form the band of the 21st Century!!

In 2008 there were rumours of a Creed reunion for 2009. Mark Tremonti (lead guitarist of AB) made it clear that there wasn’t going to be a reunion any time soon. With AB’s live in Amsterdam DVD set for release, and the AB III in the pipeline, I was pretty relaxed.

But out of nowhere it was announced on the 27th of April that Creed was getting back together for a reunion tour and new album, ‘Full Circle’. The news has hit me pretty hard, and I’m still coming to terms with what ever has happened. Does this mean that AB is breaking up and calling it one of those 'hiatuses'? If that is the case, how can Tremonti (lead guitarist), Scott (drummer) and Brian (bassist) let go of the worlds best vocalist - Myles Kennedy? AB is much more mature band than Creed could ever be (a topic for another post - in the making). Mark Tremonti came out as one of the best upcoming guitarists in heavy metal bands today. Myles had the following to say:

Many of you are wondering how this Creed reunion tour will affect the future of Alter Bridge. No worries, it won’t. I can assure you that as soon as they finish in October we will move forward.

Contrary to false statements that might lead you to believe otherwise, Alter Bridge continues to be paramount to the four of us.

The guys have my full support. It’s a very complex situation to say the least. It had to be done.

I appreciate the fact that so many of you are concerned about our future. With that said, everything is going to be all right. Alter Bridge’s third record is well on its way. The guys will embark on their reunion tour, I will make my record, and then we will carry on.

"Don’t forget we’re here to stay"

All the best


Posted on: myspace (28th April, 2009)

Hopefully, he’ll stay true to his word. It’d be sad and unfair if AB had to end this way.

AB forever!

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