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Monday, February 15, 2010

'Sigh' - How bloody self-explanatory!

After almost a years hiatus, I'm back :). I started writing this blog solely concentrating on what used to be my passion - Music. However, the last one year has been a roller-coaster ride for me. Something inside me has changed, I know it and I'm still trying to cope up with it. I haven't written on my blog mainly because I just didn't know how to put my thoughts to words; there was just too much going on in that small head of mine.

Of late I feel things settling down, and my mind getting out of some sort of engulfing vortex of weird and crazy thoughts which I did know existed in as puny and dumb head as mine. Damage no...reflecting...hmmm..close...not making any sense...YES.

Anyways, the main purpose of writing this excerpt is to rid myself off of the lethargy combined with some remote sense of inferiority that has come to reside in my very being. There is a lot to talk about and share; how that has to be done is the challenge. Am I suddenly scared of being questioned and not being appreciated for what I write...maybe.

Over the years, Hamster and Buddy have just been too supportive of every single crappy little piece I've been coining up, musically or otherwise. There are very few blokes I can actually rely on; the feeling of somebody having my back through thick or thin is just overwhelming. I love you guys.

Sigh!! That is one big load of crap I've written. Hopefully, I'll come up with something better in the near future. However, right now, I need to get back to my CDRs - another load of crap I'm writing to give worth to my all so superficial qualifications :P.

Happy St. Skeletor's Day!! (I know I don't qualify but still...:P)


  1. best article for 14th Feb :)

  2. Good to see that you are back. hopefully you wont just stop here, im sure there's a lot more that can be shared :)

    happy one year anniversary in aus!

  3. Hopefully not Dragonisms :). And thank you. Although I should kick your butt for completely vanishing.